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Right-Of-Way Maintenance  
The Key to Reliable Service


     Right-of-way maintenance is an important part of Shelby Energy’s goal of providing reliable service, restoring power during outages, and helping to ensure the safety of our members and employees. Not only is maintaining right-of-way Shelby Energy’s goal, but also a requirement of the Kentucky Public Service Commission.

     Limbs that touch and brush against power lines can cause blinks or temporary outages, but proper maintenance of trees around the lines can greatly diminish such problems.  Shelby Energy has approximately 2,100 miles of overhead line that is trimmed on a 5-6 year cycle. The right-of-way for power lines is 15 feet on each side. The closer branches are to the lines, the more trimming is necessary.

     Pad-mounted transformer right-of-ways for underground service are just as important. Please keep shrubs and other plants at least 10 feet from the sides and back, and at least 6 feet from the front (the side with the lock) of transformers in order for maintenance or outage repairs to be performed.



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