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LED Outdoor Lighting

Shelby Energy is pleased to offer the following outdoor lighting solutions for our members. Using the best lighting for your property will ensure that it is well lit for your specific needs.  Please see the four LED lighting and mounting options we offer below, including specification sheets for each unit.

View the Rate 3L (LED) Outdoor Lighting Tariff here.

Standard LED Light
4,800 - 6,800 lumens
$10.76 per month
View the standard light Evluma Areamax specification sheet


Cobra Head LED Light
7,200 - 10,000 lumens
$14.36 per month

View the cobra head Autobahn Series LED light by American Electric Lighting specification sheet here.


Decorative Colonial LED Light
4,800 - 6,800 lumens
$13.40 per month

View the decorative Colonial American Revolution LED light specification sheet here.

Directional Flood LED Light
15,000 - 18,000 lumens
$19.96 per month

View the directional American Compact LED floodlight specification sheet here.


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