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In an effort to improve quality and provide more reliable service, Shelby Energy Cooperative implemented an Advanced Metering Infrastructure or AMI.

AMI is a technology system that enables two-way communications with the meter. The AMI meter transmits energy data using existing power lines to the substation. The data then travels by a secure, licensed radio frequency from the substation to the cooperative office.

The AMI meters electronically record and transmit kWh readings, peak electric demand, the date and time of energy usage, loss of power (including blinks), how long power was off and when power was restored.  AMI meters do not interact with or transmit personal customer information, therefore privacy is intact.

Shelby Energy Cooperative is committed to finding new and more efficient ways to serve you, and we look forward to providing you great customer service with our automated meter system.

The Benefits of AMI

There are several customer service, cost and energy efficiency benefits of the AMI system including but not limited to:

Reduces the potential for human error in reading and recording meter readings and assists in identifying power theft.

Records power blinks or momentary interruptions at your account so we can work to reduce future interruptions.

Improves meter reading accuracy and consistent billing periods. AMI , for example, eliminates a 20-day billing period one month and a 35-day billing period the following month.

AMI technology will integrate real-time outage information with the cooperative’s digital mapping system that will lead to improved outage reporting and power quality monitoring.

The ability to obtain a meter reading within seconds will improve and streamline the process of transferring responsibility for an account when a member moves in or out of a location.



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